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The San Diego Nursing & Allied Health Service-Education Consortium was formed in 1996 with the express goal of coordinating the clinical placement process in order to mutually benefit both nursing service providers (agencies) and nursing programs. The process evolved from a database system to web-based scheduling when ServEdlink was implemented in 2007. Clinical planning is done on an annual basis using our state-of-the-art ServEdLink program. The program enhances education-service communication and placement opportunities. In 2011, allied health planning was piloted and then implemented. Currently, all the major nursing education programs, all the major health care facilities, as well as many other health care agencies are involved in the nursing aspect and several of the major hospital systems are utilizing the Allied Health planning option. Currently 68 programs and approximately 148 facilities are involved. Over 7000 requests are processed annually on the San Diego website.

2023 SDNSEC Data Submission Schedule and Deadlines

Please note that ServEdLink software has become outdated and as of   01/01/23   ServEdLink has been replaced by: COMPLIO’s PLACEMENT MATCHING FEATURE (PMF) and all requests must be entered via PMF.
If you need assistance, please reach out to:

  • March 06, (Mon): : Agency deadline to respond to Summer 2023 requests.
  • March 13, (Mon): School deadline to submit primary requests for Fall 2023.
  • March 14, (Tue}: Conflict report will be posted on Message Board.
  • March 17, (Fri): Consortium and conflict resolution meeting. Consortium meeting first, followed by conflict resolution.
  • March 20, (Mon): School deadline to submit preceptorships requests for Fall 2023.
  • March 20, (Mon): Release of Fall 2023 requests for agencies to begin responding.
  • May , 05, (Fri): deadline to respond to Fall 2023 requests.

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