Background Check & Drug Screen Process

Nursing Student

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Policy: Students must have clear criminal background checks and drug screens to participate in placement in clinical facilities. Students under 18 years of age are exempt from this requirement.

  1. All participating schools and agencies agree to adhere to a standardized process for clinical instructor/student screening.
  2. The background check is not a requirement for admission to a nursing program; however, the process will be completed after an invitation for admission is received.
  3. Nursing clinical instructors/students must have clear criminal background checks to participate in placement(s) in clinical facilities.
  4. Prior to clinical experience the school will verify that the following information is on file for the assigned clinical instructor/students. (see#5)
  5. Background checks will minimally include the following:
    • Seven years residence/background history
    • Address verification
    • Sex offender database search
    • Two names (current legal and one other name)
    • Three counties
    • OIG search
    • Social Security Number verification
    • Drug screen with urine sample

    Search through applicable professional certification or licensing agency for infractions if student currently holds a professional license or certification (e.g., respiratory therapist, C.N.A.)

  6. Clinical instructor/students will be unable to attend clinical facilities for appropriate reasons, including but not limited to the following convictions:
    • Murder
    • Felony Assault
    • Sexual offenses/sexual assault
    • Abuse
    • Felony possession and furnishing (without certificate of rehabilitation)
    • Other felonies involving weapons and/or violent crimes
    • Class B and Class A misdemeanor theft
    • Felony theft
    • Fraud
  • The initial background check satisfies this requirement during continuous matriculation thru the program; should the educational process be interrupted, a new background check will be required.
  • For clinical instructors, an absence of more than one consecutive semester teaching will require a new background check.
  • The clinical instructor/student will contact American DataBank at to arrange for the required check.
  • Clinical instructor/students must provide information allowing American DataBank to conduct a background check and with authorization to share any positive or flag results on the background check with healthcare facilities to which students may apply or to which students may be assigned for clinical nursing courses or clinical rotation (the school’s clinical affiliates). American DataBank will conduct an internal review, verify clinical instructor/student information, and send any flagged or positive results to the clinical sites for review.
  • The schools may designate one person to receive the information if they choose. It is recommended this not be a person with any responsibility to award grades.
  • Upon completion the results will be delivered to the applicant by American DataBank.
  • The school will advise the clinical site of the name of the clinical instructor and a list of students assigned to their facility a minimum of 15 days in advance of their arrival.
  • Upon receipt of a “positive” background check, the clinical site will make a final determination whether the clinical instructor/student will be accepted into the facility. The site will use the same guidelines used for the acceptance/rejection of an employment application in approving clinical instructor and student placement at their site.
  • If the clinical instructor/student’s record is not clear, the individual may be unable to attend the clinical rotation. The clinical site will notify the campus of their denial of any clinical instructor/students. (Applicable BRN and/or BVN/PT guidelines will be incorporated into these guidelines as they become available).
  • If the clinical instructor/students record is not clear they will be responsible for obtaining documents and having the record corrected to clear it.
  • If this is not possible the clinical instructor/student will be unable to attend clinical rotations.
  • Clinical instructor/students may be denied access to clinical facilities based on offenses appearing on the criminal record which may have occurred more than seven years ago.
  • Final placement status based on background check information is the clinical site’s determination.
  • American DataBank shall include in any document used to obtain information from clinical instructor/students for the purpose of conducting a background check, a waiver and release of liability wherein the student specifically agrees to allow school/American DataBank to share the results of the background check with the clinical sites to which student may apply or be assigned. The student shall further agree that such information may be used to deny the student from participating in clinical rotation.
  • Schools shall indemnify and hold healthcare facilities harmless from any and all actions or claims that may be asserted by clinical instructor/students arising out of healthcare facilities’ rejection of any clinical instructor/student from clinical rotation based on the results of a criminal background check or any claim that such a background check was conducted improperly. American DataBank shall be solely responsible for conducting background checks in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to California Civil Code Section 1786, et seq.

The requirement for student background checks will be implemented for students attending classes beginning with the 2006 Fall term.

• Instituted Summer 2006

• Revised May 2009