Kaiser Permanente – RN, NP, PA, Midwife

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I. Requesting Clinical Experience
Prior to requesting clinical placement please click here to open the San Diego Kaiser Permenente Profile.

II. Orienting to San Diego Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
  1. Prior to any clinical orientation, all students will need to have cleared a background check. Please visit to find the instructions for assistance with this process.
  2. The following document will be needed 2-3 weeks before clinical rotation for Health Connect access. Student will have an NUID if they are employed by or have had another clinical rotation at Kaiser Permanente.
    Download the Health Connect Training Request Form (Please send electronically)
  3. Please come into Education and Consulting Services (10990 San Diego Mission Road, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92108) for Kaiser Permanente badges. Keep in mind that there is a $25.00 deposit (cash only) will be reimbursed upon return of badge. Directions can be found in orientation information. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    For conference rooms please contact Please keep in mind that there is limited space in the conference rooms, so please provide sufficient notice.
  4. Signed forms from students and instructors must be returned all together to the Education and Consulting office prior to rotation.
    Signed Forms From Students:
    Elder and Dependent Abuse Form
    Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
    Health Connect Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
    This document is only necessary if using the Health Connect CD for training
    Confidentiality Agreement
    Immunizations and Flu Vaccination Requirements
    Flu Vaccination Consent Form
    Flu Vaccination Declination Form
    Egg Allergy Chart
    Influenza Vaccination Recommendations for Persons with Egg Allergies
    Drug-Free Workplace Employee Acknowledgement
    Corporate Compliance
    Corporate Compliance and SAFE Training:
    1. Go to KPLearn:
    2. Click on “Click here to Log into KP Learn.
    3. Click on Activate your account (right hand side, under First-time User?)
    4. Use your NUID# to create account.
    5. Search: General Compliance Training for New Employees 2017 (course #00748022) & SCAL 2017 New Employee: Safety and Environment of Care Training 2017 (course #00748898)
    6. To Print Certificates: Go to Transcripts, click on Actions (right hand side), click on print certificate.
    Signed Forms From Instructor:
    Faculty Orientation Record – Completed by instructor (only one form is necessary)
    Facility Specific Orientation – Completed by instructor (only one form is necessary)
    Student Orientation Record – Completed by instructor with each student's signature
  5. The following documents will be utilized to orient students:
    Documents to Orient Students:
    2017 Patient Safety Goals and Post Test
    Tubing Misconnection
    Age Specific Competency and Post Test
    Pain Management Competency and Post Test
    Safe Use of Restraints and Post Test
    Bar Coding
    Bloodborne Pathogen Guidelines
    MRSA Swab
    MRSA Active Surveillance Screening Key Messages for Physician and Nursing Staff
    Regional Safety Guidelines
    Language Assistance and Post Test
    Abuse Reporting Requirements
    Student Dress Code
    Human Factors Tool Kit 1
    Human Factors Tool Kit 2
    Faculty/Student Requirements
    Kaiser Permanente Vision, Mission, and Promise
    Organizational Chart
    Violence Training Licensed Staff (Mandatory for all students going to ED; highly recommended for all others)
    Compliance Fact Sheet
    California's Standardized Healthcare Emergency Codes
    Emergency Codes Poster
    Directions and Maps:
    Directions to Kaiser Permanente Education and Consulting
    Directions to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center / Foundation Hospital
    Kaiser Permanente In California
    Kaiser Permanente San Diego
    San Diego Medical Center First Floor
    San Diego Medical Center Second Floor
    San Diego Medical Center Third Floor
    San Diego Medical Center Fourth Floor
    San Diego Medical Center Fifth Floor
    San Diego Medical Center Basement
  6. Please complete the following and keep all documents at school for records unless otherwise indicated:

    Download Instructions to Access KP HealthConnect Practice Environment
    Inpatient Health Connect CDs
    Each school has been given three Health Connect CDs. If the webinar courses are not utilized, each school has the opportunity to use the CDs in training their students.

    Within each CD you will find all of the necessary documents, including the "Health Connect Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement" (This document can be found in the section titled "Signed Forms From Students").

    Please see below for the Nursing Student Knowledge Check and Answer Key. The CD contains identical student questions to that on the Nursing Student Knowledge Check; this is to say that if each student is working on his/her own computer, they already will have completed the knowledge check and a completed hard copy will not be necessary. Please keep any hard copies at each particular school.
    Nursing Student Knowledge Check and Answer Key;
    Health Connect Knowledge Check Questions
    Health Connect Knowledge Check Answers
    (Please keep Quiz at school for records)
  7. Outpatient Health Connect Training
    Please contact Ana Torres-Ledesma at to register for an outpatient Health Connect Training Course.
  8. Nova Glucometer Tutorial Information and Quick Reference Sheets:
    Please complete the Nova Information and Competency Validation Tool for each student (all your students and their information may be placed on one competency validation tool) and return To Education & Consulting Department. Submission of Post Test and Competency Validation Tool required for access.